About Us

Guiding Principles of the Arkansas Rollin’ Lions RV Club, Inc.

The Arkansas Rollin’ Lions RV Club, Inc. is committed to serving as role models and mentors for students of the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, insomuch that we have established a set of guiding principles that we as members of this organization feel strongly about.

What we believe:

  • The success of the University is of utmost importance and of great interest to each member of this Club.
  • We feel obligated to be stewards of the University’s invested human capital.
  • Education is the key to increasing opportunities for minorities.
  • Minority children deserve opportunities for higher education, regardless of their socioeconomic background.
  • Significant change happens in society when diversity is welcomed.
How we act:
  • We treat every student with respect and compassion with an aim to building hope and trust.
  • Our core strength is education and we build everything from that core by offering scholarships.
  • We support our mission with a focus on long term outcomes avoiding short term opportunities that are consistent with our mission.
  • We set high standards, deliver on high expectations and always look to improve through innovative approaches.
Little Known Facts

The Arkansas Rollin’ Lions RV Club donated several hundred dollars to the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff to assist the Band’s trip to President Barrack Obama’s Inauguration Ceremony.

The Club has provided over $5,500.00 to the University for Scholarships to financially needy Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC) participating students and ancillary students in the year of 2012.

The Club sponsors an Annual Scholarship Gala each year in the City of Pine Bluff for the purpose of supporting the scholarship awarding program. The Club’s ultimate goal is to become a Foundation.

One quarter (1/4) of the Club’s membership are from out of state and out of the City of Pine Bluff.  Members reside as far away as Virginia, North Carolina, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana.

Three quarters (3/4)  of the Club’s membership are either Alumni of AM&N College, the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff or other Universities or Colleges.

The Club has invested over $7,500.00 this year alone for utility enhancements to the RV parking area.

The Club is the only organized RV Club in the SWAC and are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

Most importantly, the Club and it’s Associates contribute thousands of dollars to the economy of the City of Pine Bluff each year.

Other Information

Club Membership dues are to be paid at each year’s “Spring Round-Up.”  Location will be announced prior to the event.

For parking information contact:

Contact person: Clayron (Ras) Rasberry
Phone: (870) 543-0019
Email: cgrasberry@sbcglobal.net

Membership dues, UAPB Parking and other special assessments are payable to:

AR Rollin Lions RV Club

All checks and money orders should be mailed to:

Leon Crumblin

#7 Kensington Cove

Pine Bluff AR, 71603

Email: lcrumblin@hotmail.com

Board of Directors

President: Kenneth  Smith
Vice President: Gregory Summers
Secretary: Ann Ellis
Treasurer: Leon Crumblin
Business Manager: Kim Williams
Sergeant at Arms: Roy & Minnie Brooks
Parliamentarian: C. (Ras) Rasberry

Appointed Members & Committee Chairs

Parking Lot: C. Rasberry – Chairperson
Parking Lot Committee Members: Gary Tyler, Kim Williams, Leon Crumblin

Event Coordinators: Jeanette Summers, Onika Jackson & Ann Williams
Chaplin: Johnny Wainright